Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Colors & Shades: Colors and shades of some products as seen on the webpage may vary slightly from the actual. Though all possible efforts will be made to accurately represent the exact shade, variations are likely to occur due to the inherent natural characteristics of leather.

Prints on leather: Printing inks used on leather is known to react differently on even similar leather types resulting in slight variations of the final print. The variations could also take the form of breaks/cracks which are not really defects. Infact these variations sometimes add to the aesthetic feature of the product giving it a natural leathery feel.

Prints on Fabric: Similar to prints on leather, incase of prints of fabric too there may be slight variations in the final print owing to the fabrics properties. Powder Coating:  Few products like trunks, luggage etc. may have used power coating on some parts. This is prone to occasional scratches, peeling or chipping especially in case of rough usage or age.

Hardware Color: Some products may have metal accessories which with usage over time and weather conditions may lose their original shine. Defects and Scratches: All Nappa Dori products are hand crafted , hence no two products are identical in their absolute measurements. There might be a slight change, but minimal to the eye which therefore would not change the essence of the design.

Minute Defects and Scratches: Hand crafted products will differ in absolute measurements and final finish/texture even among samples of the same design without changing the substance and essence of the intended design.

Scratches and Marks: Leather being a natural material is prone to scratches and marks due to its characteristics and these are not defects. They infact add to the aesthetic appeal of leather being fashioned by nature itself. Useage with time also may have a similar affect which actually adds to the vintage feel of leather. Some leathers may have surface patinas owing to its natural quality. Morever such marks may be different even among samples of the same design and are not defects in any way.

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