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Why Le Blu Sac

Le Blu Sac is the end of our search for those perfectly functional accessories. In most cases, we find beautiful looking leather products which are quite dysfunctional when it comes to usability, and we still carry them because they are branded, while there is nothing wrong with that approach, we’ve always been looking for that one bag that is stylish yet functional.

Even though our bag looks extremely stylish to complement it’s user’s personality, they are also carefully designed to hold everything we use daily.

Let’s take our laptop bags, for example, they can hold a 15″ laptop, there are pockets to hold an adaptor, your business cards, your phones, an iPad or your notepad, your passport and a couple of pens.

And this is just a tip of the iceberg, we are constantly trying to innovate, understanding our customers’ expectations are of paramount importance to all of us at Le Blu Sac

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